Lash extensions have fast become a beauty insider’s secret to instantly full and fluttery eyelashes ‘round the clock—even when you’ve just rolled out of bed. Yet, in the sea of abundant lash bars there’s one lounge that’s proving lash extensions are about enhancing your natural beauty, not disguising it (or worst case: ruining it by losing clumps of lashes). “We are dedicated to the health of your natural lashes,” Liv Contreras says. cont’d…

Contreras, along with her business partner (former client and ad agency exec.), Mantana C. LePlae, are gracefully sweeping the Cali coast from San Francisco to Newport Beach (next stop, N.Y.C.) with Lashfully, a brand of lash lounges on a mission to amplify the natural flirt that you’ve got. “I train every technician I hire. They have to be approved the Lashfully way.” Which she describes as a combination of precise application (each individual lash is applied with medical-grade glue to a real lash, one by one) and time—“Within an hour, not two or three,” Contreras states. Technicians have more than 100 different lashes to choose from when crafting your uniquely perfect set and extensions last about two-weeks before requiring a touch-up. Continued…

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Nonetheless, even if they’re done in an hour ladies (and some gents!) flock to Lashfully lounges to meet with friends, stay for a glass of wine, finish some work on the free Wi-Fi, add waxing to the service or even host bachelorette parties at the glam, boudoir-esque lounges. Designed by LePlae, her signature luxe-contemporary eye garnered so many compliments she’s since opened her own design company, too.

If you haven’t tried lash extensions, they’re quite addicting. “I have a client who is currently in hospital. We’re headed out to make a private call because she can’t live without her lashes,” Contreras confides. With naturally short and straight lashes I’m instantly feeling a little more femme, a little more persuasive with a set of fluttering, come hither eyelashes and my makeup routine no longer calls for mascara. Lash care includes babying your eye area—no rubbing, no direct shower water, try to avoid heavy eye creams or oil-based make up. After two-weeks of constant compliments from Mr. (and even strangers) I am in for the annual membership (which knocks $25-off each touch-up and includes other price discounts that can also be gifted to friends). Lashfully locations in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Walnut Creek and Newport Beach,

Photography by Aaron R. Thomas.

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